Mainly dominated by SMEs, the tourism sector is very important to the European economy and barrier-free traveling is an important topic of the European tourism policy. In the EU, about 37 million people are disabled and represent a large and growing market.

Enhancing accessibility is also about the ageing population. Altogether, around 120 million disabled
and senior citizens in Europe would welcome improved access.
It is crucial for SMEs and micro-enterprises in the tourism sector to actively face this change by developing new
products and services which meet the growing demand, to develop defined profiles, and to communicate at
the European level in order to design the dialogue with their respective target groups, effectively.

MIT! is based on an innovative marketing approach targeting at increasing the performance and competitiveness of tourism enterprises by improving SMEs performance and human potential.

In this way MIT! will contribute to improve access for senior citizens and people with handicaps as well as for their family members, to tourism and lifelong learning, and improve their mobility and quality of life.

  make it accessible  
          MIT! Market place                         MIT! - Make it accessible! Promote barrier-free travelling for senior citizens and people with handicaps
through innovative marketing strategies based on awareness of specific requirements, needs and active interest in social inclusion 504655-LLP-1-2009-1-DE-LEONARDO-LMP

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