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Why should hotels consider accessibility? Which target groups should be addressed? Learn about the large and growing market of people welcoming improved access. Accessible tourism demands relevant knowledge, skills and key qualifications, i.e. what is the meaning of “access”? What can be seen in case of a remaining vision of 10%? What relevance can 2 centimetres have, when they are missing in an access entrance? How can a person communicate with deaf guests? Who prints menus in braille? How could we attract handicapped guests? What expectances do seniors have for their holidays...?

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The MIT! Training course addresses hotel managers and staff members, stakeholders in tourism, regional development authorities, institutions of regional economic development and training institutions in the tourism industry. Thanks to MIT! participating tourism institutions have the opportunity to profile themselves with a range of innovative products and services in the European market.

  make it accessible  
MIT! - Make it accessible! Promote barrier-free travelling for senior citizens and people with handicaps
through innovative marketing strategies based on awareness of specific requirements, needs and active interest in social inclusion 504655-LLP-1-2009-1-DE-LEONARDO-LMP

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